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CNN: First person charged under Hong Kong's national security law sentenced to 9 years in prison (reporting byline)

The first person charged and convicted under Hong Kong's national security law was sentenced to nine years in prison on Friday, setting a likely precedent for how future cases will be tried.

NBC: How a Hong Kong protester became one of the territory's youngest exiles

For more than a year, the teenager’s weekends were dominated by marches, during which she chanted protest slogans, built barricades and dodged tear gas shells, returning to her home in Hong Kong in the evenings covered in bruises and scratches.

NBC: She wants out. He's not sure. Hong Kong splits apart as China tightens its grip.

Ying and Chung share an apartment with their 9-year-old daughter, a gray parrot, a white cat and a palm-size hamster. But despite the memories, creatures and commitments binding them, their marriage is being torn by the same forces that are dividing Hong Kong.

CNN: Two fugitive opium dealers, a media mogul and an alleged smoking gun video: : the story of a Hong Kong newspaper feud (research)

In the late 1960s, two notorious opium traffickers from mainland China founded a newspaper in Hong Kong. Filling a gap in the market, the Oriental Daily News, with its racy pictures, celebrity scoops and crime yarns, quickly established itself as the city's best-read tabloid — until the Apple Daily blazed onto newstands in 1995.

CNN: Boris Johnson promises UK will provide Hong Kongers path to citizenship after national security fears

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised to provide a path to British citizenship for potentially millions of Hong Kongers, as China prepares to impose a draconian new national security law on the city.

Washington Post: ‘I will die with the city’: A young woman’s chilling message from Hong Kong’s front lines

Every Friday, Alexa dines at home with her father, a single man who she says is unaware of his daughter’s secret. Afterward, the 21-year-old college student kisses her teddy bear good night.

Then, as the weekend arrives, she slips out of their Kowloon apartment and hits the streets to join Hong Kong’s fight for democracy amid increasing crackdowns by the city’s Beijing-backed authorities.

CNN: Hong Kong's violent protests show no sign of stopping. Some are deciding it's time to leave

In the middle of a beautiful sunset in May, Emily's boyfriend knelt before her on a beach in Japan and proposed. Overjoyed, she said yes.


They envisioned starting a family together in their home of Hong Kong. But within a month, their plans -- their whole vision of a future together -- had been thrown into chaos.

CNN: More than 1 million protest in Hong Kong, organizers say, over Chinese extradition law (reporting byline)

More than 1 million protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong Sunday, organizers said, to oppose a controversial extradition bill that would enable China to extradite fugitives from the city.

CNN: Hong Kong protests: Night of violence shocks city after seventh week of mass marches (reporting byline)

Hong Kong descended into scenes of chaos Sunday night, after riot police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters, and a mob armed with batons attacked people in a metro station.

Deutsche Welle: Hong Kong protests pit the city's young against the old

Mass protests by Hong Kongers over the past couple of weeks have underlined the yawning gap between the city's old and young. Political differences have caused tensions in many Hong Kong families. Chermaine Lee reports.

CNN: Brunei backs down on gay sex death penalty after international backlash (reporting byline)

Hong Kong descended into scenes of chaos Sunday night, after riot police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters, and a mob armed with batons attacked people in a metro station.

CNN: 12-year-old blood mule caught trying to transport 142 samples into Hong Kong (reporting byline)

A 12-year-old girl has been caught in the Chinese city of Shenzhen trying to smuggle dozens of blood samples from pregnant women into neighboring Hong Kong, apparently for sex testing, state media reported.

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Thomson Reuters: After tough year, Hong Kong democracy protesters sound warning to China on New Year's day

After a year that saw democracy advocates in Hong Kong jailed and ousted from public office, thousands marched through the streets of Hong Kong on New Year’s Day to warn China not to meddle further in the city’s affairs and undermine its autonomy.

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Thomson Reuters: Former senior Hong Kong police officer jailed for baton assault during democracy protest

A former senior Hong Kong police officer was sentenced to three months jail on Wednesday for assaulting a passerby with his baton during the city’s massive pro-democracy protests of late 2014.

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Thomson Reuters: Hong Kong's legal chief vows not to resign over unauthorized home improvements

Hong Kong’s new justice secretary on Wednesday vowed not to resign despite a scandal over unauthorized structures in her home that called into question her integrity as the Asian financial hub’s top legal official.

BioWorld: HK's human genome editing summit a timely affair after claim of gene-edited babies

The lack of cross-border regulations and coordination on genetic editing in general – and gene editing on embryos specifically – has emerged a key concern for industry leaders and regulators and a timely topic at the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing in Hong Kong on Tuesday.

BioWorld: Beijing sacks drug watchdog leader for the escalating vaccine scandal

China purged about 40 provincial and local officials, including top staff of China's drug watchdog, after a meeting of the Politburo Standing Committee, led by President Xi Jinping, who pledged to punish rabies vaccine maker Changchun Changsheng Bio-technology Co., of Jilin Province, for stirring up fears for public health.

BioWorld: Chinese rabies vaccine maker halts production amid data falsification allegations

Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences Ltd., China's second largest rabies vaccine producer, was ordered to stop production and recall batches of its rabies vaccines after the China National Drug Administration (CNDA) reportedly uncovered falsified data and inspection records.

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