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Chermaine Lee is an award-winning multimedia journalist based in Hong Kong. She covers a wide array of topics, including climate change, geopolitics, human rights, social issues locally and internationally via feature articles, social videos, documentaries and podcasts.


Her core beat is climate change - she is also a member of the Oxford Climate Journalism Network and has covered the COP27 as a Climate Tracker's Climate Justice Online Reporting Fellow.

Along with her team at British TV Channel 4 News, they won the 2019 Emmy Award for their coverage of the Hong Kong protests. 

Getting her feet wet at CNN's news-gathering, planning and field production desks, as well as editing news packages for Reuters TV, she went on to pen feature articles and produce videos for various media including the Washington Post, BBC, CNN, Deutsche Welle, NBC, South China Morning Post, among others. 

Striving to be a climate reporter, she hosts an English-language podcast show, Greenbites, for non-profit media Sustainable Asia, and have reported on multiple global climate issues and innovations from Japan's used adult diaper energy generator to the Antarctica's climate diplomacy. 

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